SHE BON is a collection of wearable augments, capable of sensing various forms of the wearer's bio-data as input, in order to indicate their level of excitement with electronic and mechanical devices as output.

We should be more comfortable talking to one another about sexuality and intimacy. To help normalize a general dialogue about sex, I'm documenting the creation of a series of wearables that will act as a prosthesis for signaling my level of arousal!

I want the overall dialogue surrounding the project to be honest, accessible, and as open as possible. I encourage the exchange of thoughts and ideas, as well as participation.

The main platform of this project is open source! So if any of this interests you, I invite you to create an augment of your own!

How would you use your bio-data to communicate an otherwise invisible aspect of your being?

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  1. I hope that if you choose to log and studying your own bio-feedback, the act of focusing attention on new aspects of your body will help you know yourself better than ever before. 
  2. I hope that if you choose to create your own wearable augmentation to indicate your physical status, you shed any stigma that may have ever been associated with your sexual nature! 
  3. I want humanity to take ownership over its most basic right, without shaming, victimizing, or feeling embarrassment.

The concept of "CYBER PUNK" has remained a stylistic projection of a near future. I believe however, the future is now. It's time to start defining cyber punk functionally in our own reality! I choose to do so with my lifestyle, and practice as an artist.

What is humanity to spetku? Electronic lady-boners and robotic offspring, of course! Check out my other posthuman projects:


07.21.18 San Diego ComicCon

07.12.18 Hackaday Hardware Developer Didactic Galactic "HDDG" - San Francisco

06.30.18 ...out and about in Sibuya, TOKYO


The Propellor Pasties are cup-shaped devices which adhere to the breasts. Each have their own unique purpose; to sense fluctuations in the shape of the nipple, and to indicate this physical state using a geared propellor.

A set of IR distance sensors pointed at the nipple are capable of reading very slight fluctuations in growth. The stiffer the nipple, the faster the propellor on the other breast spins...

The planetary gear box that facilitates in the spinning of the propellor has a duel function. The three support gears that turn the central hub are modified with round "paddles" which stroke and knead the nipple as the propellor spins.


The Beat Box is a peripheral which resembles a fillet of salmon. It is worn over the pelvic region, and is capability of reading the wearer's heart rate and indicating an elevation in beats per minute with audible whispers.

When the BPM reading crosses a designated threshold for a certain period of time, the Beat Box signals this heightened state by gently pulsing LEDs in cadence with the wearer's heat beat, as well as playing a collection of whispers through a small speaker aimed inward towards the wearer's pelvic bone.

As the speaker's volume increases at a rate equal to the BPM, it also create vibrations that are felt by the wearer.


The Pulse Pack is a wearable breakout board! It is the enclosure which houses the main brain and central processing unit of the SHE BON project, called the "PULSE" unit.

The PULSE unit is responsible for connecting everything together. It supplies data and power to the peripheral systems located at distant parts of the wearer's body.

The individual augments jack into the Pulse Pack at CAT5 hubs located along the edge of the backpack, which then convert to molex and terminate along the edge of the PULSE unit.