There is a negative connotation to the idea of an "ass grab".

I got into a discussion with my friends one night last Summer about whether or not a "tushy squeeze" was in fact a selfish act, or if it was something that could be done sympathetically, with the recipient's experience in mind. Serious.

Our consensus was that not all "ass grabs" are equal... from the recipient's point of view. We collectively agreed that there is a vast spectrum between feeling "groped" or physically exploited, and experiencing something that was done with your experience of the act in mind. They *feel* different.

At this point, I decided to really deep dive the act and break down what felt physically pleasurable about it. If I understood what I enjoyed, then I might be able to reproduce the sensation.

What felt pleasurable about a "tushy squeeze" to me:

  • not as much about the sensation of "squeezing"
  • more about a solid grip and broad coverage of flesh (a hand full)
  • the flesh should be displaced upward just enough to create a *separation* sensation between the legs (pull apart the labia)

Having noted this, I pondered what sort of mechanical device could replicate these sensations.

Since the displacement of flesh was key, I decided to create a winch system that could *pull*. Winches by nature need to be mounted to something solid, so I decided to create a winch "belt" that leveraged the relatively static position of my pelvis to stay in place.

The "belt" itself hugs the bones of my hips. The winch motors mount to the belt. Anchors connected to the winch cables attach to the flesh of my bum with industrial adhesive tape.

When the winches wind... the anchors attached to my bum pull upward and separate the cheeks. Amazingly this works.

The Hot Spot is an investigation of how a proper "tushy squeeze" might be replicated mechanically in order to produce sufficient "thigh gap" between the wearer's legs!

This device operates in relation to fluctuations in the user's body temperature between their thighs. Once that area of the body begins to heat up, a two winches worn over the hips, slowly begin to retract cables which are attached to the flesh of the user's thighs.

Once the cables are withdrawn, producing enough thigh separation to achieve "gap"- a light will turn on and illuminate the negative space from behind; illuminating the "hot spot".