The POPgirl is the status indicator for the SHE BON project at large.

I think it's important to note that this device as it exists in its current form, is nothing like I hope for it to be when it's completed.

In fact, when I set out to build the first iteration of the POPgirl enclosure, I completely ignored what "practical Sarah" wanted and indulged "child Sarah's" sense of persistent silliness.

The POPgirl's current enclosure design is a rif on a device called the "Pip Boy" which is featured in a game I've never personally played (the gamer savvy know I'm referring to Fallout). The device in the game is an arm-mounted user interface that displays the player's physical status; whether their injured, poisoned, or receiving any enhancement buffs.

I always saw the Pip Boy as somewhat of a "smaller" version of what they hook you up to if you happen to find yourself in the intensive care unit of a hospital. Again... "cheeky Sarah" thought it would be funny to make a status indicator that was a functional middle finger to the gender biased device titled "Pip Boy", one which expressly functioned to display a female user's state of arousal.

The purpose of this device is to display everything the SHE BON peripherals are sensing, so that the user can view their status at a glance.

If the user wants more detailed information about an augment, they can use the touch screen interface to navigate to a menu which will display the values received from the on board sensors within each discrete device.

I mentioned the POPgirl will change aesthetically... and it will.

Right now, the enclosure for the screen is bulky and cumbersome. It has its own retro appeal, but as a practical piece of equipment it gets a low rating from me, the user.

Now that I've satisfied my bucket-list desire to create my own spiritual "Pip Boy" - I can venture back into practical designed object territory and create a second iteration that fits with the rest of the project.



The popgirl is an arm-mounted user interface that helps me visualize the sensor data the Pulse Pack receives from the peripherals worn throughout my body!

This status indicator consists of a touch screen display, raspberry Pi zero, and other off-the shelf peripherals, all housed within a 3D printed retro style enclosure which I design specifically for the task.

Design files and build instructions are available on my blog for those who with to take a shot at replicating their own user interface!