Do you enjoy having your neck nibbled on as an intimate act?

What are your feelings when you notice your skin has been marked with a noticeable tell of having such an experience?

Like other SHE BON augments, this device began with a discussion about a physical sensation: the feeling of receiving a hickey.

The Suck Choker senses respiratory rate in order to suckle the wearer's neck at a proportional rate. This produces a feedback loop between the wearer's physical response to having their neck suckled, and the device responding to the wearer's physical status by suckling their neck.

If the surface sensation alone was capable of tricking my mind and body into further arousal, then the device would also indicate this excitement by increasing the stimulation proportionally.

The device produces the sucking sensation will occur more rapidly to match an elevated rate of breath by controlling airflow in and out of a set of silicone suckers with motor driven syringes.

This cause and effect response is illustrated to the onlooker by the changing of LED light from blue to red; a gradual shift to red as the wearer breathes in, and a fade back to blue as they exhale again.


A hickey is generally defined as a circular bruise caused when another person creates sufficient suction over the surface of your skin with their mouth, forcing blood up through the tissue. Generally this occurs on the neck and chest and is the result of “making out” with another person.

Many of us have mixed feelings about them, hinging entirely on the context in which the hickey was received, and the presumption of the hickey-giver’s intent.

For instance, if the recipient assumes that the hickey was left intentionally, it might be viewed as a possessive act, like they were intending to brand your body as an act of marking territory.

In some cases a hickey might be seen as an embarrassment, since they tend to also be the hallmark of inexperience, or poor communication between partners. It is common to see young people who are still trying out their wings in the intimacy department, get too carried away and markup their partner’s body with mouth bruises, because they lack the experience to gage the effect of their actions.

Having a hickey is sometimes viewed as lacking class since it is a clear marker which communicates an element of your private life that others might think is “too much information”.

However, when the intent is perceived as accidental, for this same reason receiving a hickey can be exciting because it is embarrassing. If you see someone with a circular bruise on their neck, you know that they’ve most likely been making out with someone in the recent past, so it can feel like a souvenir, or adornment to the recipient.

Regardless of the intent, or the occasional consequence of the circular bruise, I find that most can agree it is a pleasurable experience to have ones neck sucked on by their partner. Why we find it so is perhaps more difficult to explain. Whatever to biological or psychological reason, I know personally that the sensation of having lips pressed against my neck lights up my nerve endings like a bottle rocket.

Because of this sensation and it’s strong effect over my experience of an intimate encounter, I decided to deconstruct the act in order to mechanically replicate it. I’m curious if the sensation still carries the same weight if the human element is subtracted.

Many of us, male and female can stimulate other parts of our body in order to get off without another human’s participation… but does the same apply to the hickey?

The question I’m looking to answer is: If a machine sucks on my neck, will the sensation still provoke arousal?


Suck Choker (v.1) : Explanation and DEMO
I give a brief description of the system while it's on the bench, then suit up and display the augment in use on my body.
Suck Choker (v.1) proof of concept : INTRO
This is an introduction to the indication portion of the *Neck* augment.
Suck Choker (v.1) : Full System Test
a test of the full system worn on the body and assessed for functionality and comfort
Suck Choker (v.1) : System Bench Test
a "bench test" of the electronics: "Tako" board driving the servo motors and "Calamari" RGB nodes, with the pneumatic tubing connected to the suckers while worn on my neck
Suck Choker (v.1) : LED Node Installation and Test
I install the "Calamari" RGB nodes into each one of the suction cups and test the full system with the "TAKO" brain board
BLOG ENTRY : April was the Month of Suck
April was the Month of Suck: Progress highlight regarding the design process and build of the Suck Choker
Suck Choker (v.1) : Building 4 Rack and Pinion Assemblies
After verifying that this assembly works, I created many of them, one to drive each sucker.
Suck Choker (v.1) : Molding Silicone Suckers
I made a four-part mold to create my own suction cups out of Eco-Flex 10 silicone
Suck Choker (v.1) : Sucker with Rack and Pinion Test

I designed a motorized rack and pinion assembly that mechanically drives the suction of one silicone cup!

BUT can it leave a hickey?